Dietary Changes and Health Care As is shown in the graph, China's food distribution has taken great changes from 1960's to 1990's According to this statistics of cereals, vegetable, meat, and fruits, the number of those who eat rice, flour or vegetable has greatly decreased in the past four decades. In contrast of this the number of those who eat oil or meat has sharply increased. From such dietary changes, we can perceive the rapid improvement of our people' s living standard. Why does this improvement occur? The direct reason is the fact that the Chinese people have attached much importance


to their health care. Nationally, China's economic growth is booming, and more people are getting richer. Individually, everyone's consumption of food is increasingly varied. In particular, most of people are reluctant to eat much vegetable, but much meat and oil in their diets. In my view, the changes of China's dietary distribution seem to be both positive and negative. The positive aspect is that China' s economical growth has given rise to the higher level of dietary standard, with most of people living rich and happy. But the negative aspect is that, I'm afraid, less eating vegetable will lead to poorer health, such as lacking vitamin nutrients in one's body. Therefore, we think it necessary for the Chinese to be aware of the balanced diets: Lots of vegetable and meat, which may gain us healthier bodies in the new century.


第二节 话题写作——健康·饮食


1.attach importance to认为有重要性;重视 相关链接

most valuable possession最宝贵的财富

keep healthy保持健康 写作素材 1.健康很重要;

2.如何保持健康?(适当的营养、充足的睡眠、经常锻炼) 写作训练



2.balance n.平衡 相关链接

build up one’s body增强体质 contain vt.含有,包含 a balanced diet均衡饮食 be rich in富含有 be low in低含有

keep one’s figure保持体形 写作素材1


写作训练1 Dear Lily,

I am sorry to hear that you are ill as a result of going on a diet.You shouldn’t have eaten so little 事实上,你最好多做体育活动,增强体质).I am writing to tell you what you should do to recover your health.

Above all,you should eat more vegetables and fruit because they are rich in vitamins and 含有大量的糖与脂肪).In addition,you should exercise regularly and have enough sleep.(3)It_is_as_important_as_ 它和保持平衡饮食同样重要).Don’t be too tired.What’s more,keep yourself happy every day.

I’m looking forward to your recovery.

Yours, Li Hua




With the improvement of people’s living standards,people are paying more attention to health problems.

Firstly,we should eat lots of fruit and vegetables,因为它们含有维生素多,脂肪少).As a proverb says,“An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” (2)Don’t have a lot of food that contains too much fat(不要吃含太多脂肪的食物).Secondly,exercise is important.(3)Regular_exercise_can_help_us_keep_our_figures_(经常性的锻炼有助于我们保持身材).People who do running every day usually have stronger hearts

than those who don’t.

Finally,we should sleep about eight hours every day,and never work too hard.Overwork and little sleep will cause us to fall ill.What’s more,keep happy every day. up健身 相关链接

worse and worse越来越差 the above activity以上活动 health problems健康问题 写作素材


当今学生身体状况令人担忧,肥胖症成为一种很普遍的现象,而眼睛近视的学生大约占到三分之二。针对这一现象,教育部、国家体育总局、共青团中央在全国范围内全面启动了“全国亿万学生阳光体育运动(Sunshine sports for millions of students nationwide)”。


Nowadays 学生的健康状况越来越差).obesity has been so common among teenagers and about two thirds of them are shortsighted.So I think “Sunshine sports for millions of students nationwide” is a very good activity 能帮助学生解决健康问题).For all the students,(3)taking_part_in_the_above_activity_is_really_a_good_chance_for_ 参加以上活动实际上是一个强身健体的好机会).

4.exercise n.锻炼 相关链接 take exercise锻炼

physical activities体育活动 be beneficial to对??有好处 写作素材1



(2)It is obvious that most of their spare time is spent on homework,computer games and TV 在我看来,学生应该抽出更多的时间来进行体育活动,这对他们的成长与健康很有好处).Both the education departments and parents should encourage students to set aside more time for physical activities.



假如你叫李华,最近你校响应教育部的要求,启动了冬季长跑活动。作为高三学生,你班同学就此议论纷纷,议论的主题是:高三学生要不要参加长跑和其他各种体育锻炼。请你根据下表所提供的信息,给English Evening写一封信,介绍大家的看法和你的观点。


There’s a lot of talk in my class about whether the Senior 3 students should spare the time to take part in the winter long run program.60% of the students think it a good idea,这能使我们坚持天天锻炼).Besides running,we can do many sports such as morning exercises,playing ping-pong and basketball,but it shouldn’t take up too much time.Exercise builds one’s body and reduces diseases.Sports let

另一方面,百分之三十的人认为锻炼是浪费时间,使人疲惫).After having sports,they are much too excited for a long time to pay attention to their lessons.It’在我看来,锻炼是必要的).After some exercise,we can feel more refreshed and relaxed,which can help us learn better.

5.habit n.习惯 相关链接

a good habit好习惯 a bad habit坏习惯 form the habit of养成习惯 get into the habit of养成习惯 写作素材

为了人们的健康,一些大中小城市相继在公众场所实施了禁烟。 在其他城市公共场所戒烟的呼声也越来越高。 中央下令领导干部在公共场合戒烟。然而,与之不协调的是,越来越多的高中生正在加入烟民的行列。请根据提示写一篇短文,分析高中生吸烟现象、原因并呼吁高中生戒烟。



still,he became addicted to smoking,which led to his obesity and great harm to his lungs.






越来越多的中学生喜欢吃诸如:Macdonald, KFC or Starbucks等一些西式快餐,在他们看来,西式快餐,不但快捷,方便,而且环境好,服务好;




Dear editor,

_______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Yours sincerely Li Hua

Nowadays, western fast food, such as Macdonald, KFC and Starbucks, is becoming more and more popular in China, especially among children and teenagers.

There are several reasons for its popularity. For one thing, it is fast and convenient. Go into a fast food restaurant, and your food will be ready in a minute. Precious time won’t be wasted waiting-in-line to order or waiting at your table for your food to serve. For another, its popularity is also attributed to the clean food, the excellent service and the comfortable environment of the fast food restaurants in American style.

As far as I am concerned, I hold the view that western fast food isn’t healthy enough because it is harmful to a balanced diet and is low in nutrition. Therefore, Fast food is only a good choice when you are in a hurry and we should turn to it only once in a while.